Training in nature increases energy, improves mood, and relieves depression

  • Personal training sessions
  • Private P.E. classes kids age 7 and up
  • Events: athletic, team building, corporate events, birthday parties

Group Classes

AWATfit outdoor fitness offers a variety of classes. We maintain an outDOOR theme with our five featured classes:

  • Jungle Time
  • White Water
  • Stampede
  • Great Outdoors
  • Bucking Bronco

We facilitate variable, gravity and plyometric fitness components in each class. A detailed description of each class and time allotted for each class can be found in our schedule.

Richard Decker

Founder, Rich Decker has been affiliated in the fitness industry for over 30 years.


“RollFast Fitness is the hardest yet most fun workout. The only thing that has kept my family and I sane (and fit) this summer. The owner, Decker is also a really nice guy. Always fits us in…even when requested last minute. He is great at pushing us to work harder but also making time fly by. Can’t recommend enough!”

Leah Rubner and Family

“RollFast Fitness has helped me change my life and transform my body. Rich, the founder, is always charismatic and motivates me to get the most out of our training sessions. The outdoor workouts are excellent and offer more than what can be found in your average gym. The flexibility to do a workout anywhere anytime is a huge plus. I am always discovering new ways to use the equipment, helping me to stay committed to my fitness goals.”

Geoff H.

“RollFast Fitness is the best workout! After just four weeks my body has completely changed and I have abs I never thought I’d have before!”


“RollFast Fitness is the only exercise I have ever done that I saw an immediate difference in my body. I am over 60 and it has made me stronger and more flexible. I look forward to my workouts now because it is never boring and always different — my friends can’t believe me on the battle ropes!


“RollFast Fitness gave me the motivation, knowledge, and equipment to gain 10 pounds of muscle in under 2 months. This is something I’ve never been able to accomplish before as I’ve been underweight my entire adult life. The AWAT truck is the ideal way to work out during a global pandemic when going to a conventional gym carries significant risk. The AWAT truck is on the cutting edge of portable fitness, nothing really compares. ”