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“Geoffrey Psillos and the AWATFIT Truck are an amazing team.  They bring the full range of stretching, strengthening and aerobic activities directly to me, all contained in the custom fitness truck, and ALL OUTDOORS.  Instead of the clang of gym weights, grunts and groans and blaring TVs, I hear the wind, the birds and the ocean while I up my fitness and my mental game.  I’m immersed in the sea air, not the smell of chlorine bleach. This is exactly how I want to train in Palm Beach.  Thanks Geoffrey and AWATFIT!!”

Palm Beach, FL

“Tons of unique workouts for every muscle on your body. Beats any indoor gym and by far the coolest rig on the road.”
Alex B
Wellington, FL
“If you’re looking for high quality training and exceptional fitness guidance, AWAT is the way to go. I don’t think I’m ever going back to a regular gym. Geoff knows how to get the juices flowing for a great pump multiple times a week without fail! I Highly Recommend AWATFIT Delray to everyone and anyone on a mission to feel better, look better and live healthier!”
James F
Delray Beach, FL

Meet the Owner Geoffrey Psillos

Geoffrey Psillos, the head instructor for AWATfit Port Jeff, is a seasoned Fitness expert with over 8 years of physical fitness and nutrition expertise. Geoff propelled himself to the leading front of the fitness world helping hundreds of community members with their fitness endeavors. He’s also a Bodybuilding Athlete, winning the East Coast Championship in 2017; stepping off stage since then, to focus on the growth of his clients. Geoff is superb trainer by nature due to his lasting pursuit to genuinely help his neighbors and community achieve any goals they wish to set their minds to in and out of the fitness realm.

AWATfit – All Weather All Terrain mobile fitness – We Bring The Training To You any where at any time

Forget machine-based workouts – the emphasis at AWATFIT is that U R The Machine. The focus is on Core, Agility, Flexibility, Strength, Suspension and Gravity Training to give you The Ultimate one-on-one training experience. By using suspension, gravity, resistance and strength training without machines, your body actually becomes the machine. With all of our training techniques your core is engaged for every movement while you target every muscle in your body. You’ll work more efficiently yielding better results, faster.